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Topics Covered: Trends, Product Review, Marketing, Coaches Corner Shop Tour, Software Survey Says!, Tech Talk, Technician Talk, among others

Meet Your Host
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Carm Capriotto, AAP, is an influencer in the aftermarket that connects shop owners and leaders from every facet of the industry. He does it through podcasting.

Carm created the Remarkable Results Radio Podcast five years ago. The catalog contains over 750 episodes that cover every aspect of aftermarket business acumen.

Traveling to industry events and recording interviews is one of Carm's favorite aspects of being a podcaster. He also speaks to aftermarket groups.

Carm has received industry honors since becoming the aftermarket podcast guy and has spent his entire career in the aftermarket.

I'm excited to bring this refreshingly different format to deliver insights and important information to keep you informed and running on all cylinders.

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